Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More on Pocket Hole Bee Hives

A number of people have expressed doubts about the longevity of hives made with with pocket holes. They also are concerned about small hive beetles using the pocket holes as a hiding place.

I'm still planning on putting my 10 hives into service made with pocket holes. I've glued the joints and used five screws per corner.Time will be the judge of their stability.

I think the hiding places for beetles is a serious issue though. I found it really difficult to fill the holes just with a putty knife. The air pressure just push the wood filler back out.

The cool thing about wood filler is that it's about the same consistency as icing. I pulled out a cake icing bag and used it to fill in the holes!!!


  1. Hello,

    If you have been using these pocket hole hives for a while can you describe your experience? Are they holding up?


  2. The boxes are holding up ok. I would recommend only making medium boxes with the pocket hole joint. Also, be sure to use outdoor grade screws.

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