Friday, December 25, 2009

Pocket Hole Bee Hive

I visited my local woodworking shop looking for a better box joint jig. I explained that I was making a number of bee hives and I needed repeatability. He took me a completely different direction with the pock hole jig. He swore up and down that the joint is just as strong as a box joint.

I'm game for anything once. So, I'm making ten hives with this new method this year. We'll see how they hold up.


  1. Now that's its been a few years, how are your pocket hole hive bodies holding up? I want to use my new kreg jig when I build this year, but I'm worried about longevity.

    1. There was a lesson learned here. I noticed some rust stains in the corners of my boxes. The problem is that I took the screws the clerk handed me for my kreg jig. The screws were not intended for outdoor use. Kreg does make an outdoor version of the screws. I would use those. The other thing I would recommend doing is cutting the front and back boards to 16 1/4". Building the boxes this way will allow the weight to ride on the bottom board. Whereby, taking stress off the joints when the boxes are in place.